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 E-MAIL ACCOUNTS Full-featured POP3 e-mail accounts
 DOMAIN NAMES Choose from our already registered domains or let us register your own for you
 FORWARDING Have the mail sent to another account if you want to pick it up there
 CARBON COPY Have the server send a copy of each incoming message to another e-mail address
 AUTORESPONDER We can configure automated replies for individual accounts
 MAILING LISTS Let us set up your own mailing list as a public or private place for information and discussion
 WEBMAIL Easy-to-use web mail interface
 SPAM CONTROL Spam reduction utilizing Realtime Blackhole Lists (RBL), while highly effective »Bayesian filter« techniques are already being tested
 RELIABILITY Servers located in one of Germany's most sophisticated data processing centers, software installed on highly reliable and robust IBM OS/2 based technology which is virtually invulnerable to virus attacks
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More4U GbR - InkA e.V., Schroeder, Andree
Am Waldgarten 10, 61276 Weilrod-Altweilnau, Germany
Phone +49 6083 941024 - Fax +49 6083 940416